About Jula Holding

The Jula Holding Group has primarily emerged from operations associated with the retail company Jula AB. A group has now evolved from the retailing with operations in several different sectors.

As the retailing has developed, different business areas have emerged and created new business opportunities. Some of these different business activities have developed into independent companies, which are now part of the Jula Holding Group. With this arrangement we see excellent opportunities for the businesses to support each other.

The group stands on seven legs today, where Jula Holding is the executive owner company.

The idea is that the group will acquire, start and develop new and existing businesses. Synergies and added value are of prime importance, the different activities of the group should support each other.


The family group

The Jula Holding Group is owned by Karl-Johan Blank, and his sons also sit on the board of directors, Christian and Fredric (Adjunct). The board is chaired by Peder Larsson.

The long-term perspective, in combination with independence, is important. Business operations and new acquisitions should be considered from a long-term perspective with a view to developing the group for future generations.

Joachim Frykberg was appointed president of the Jula Holding Group in 2019. Since April 2022 Magnus Kristoferson is president for the Jula Holding Group.


Jula Holding is an entrepreneur managed family group with its origin in the retail company Jula. Jula is the origin of the group, and an important success fact in the business is the Spirit of Jula.

Jula Holding is a valuation managed organisation where cooperation and sustainability are central concepts. The fundamental values of simplicity, honesty, commitment, honesty, commitment, responsibility, and to always aim higher that are to be found in the Spirit of Jula permeate all the business activities.

The focus is always on developing the group and widening the value chains with a view to creating profitability on the basis of several platforms. The idea is that the different parts of the group, companies, business activities and group structures will form a strong whole, where efficiency is developed through profitable synergies between the different parts of the group.

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Development of the group

The history of Jula began on the farm at Jultorp in Västergötland. It is a saga of success marked by curiosity, incentive and strong entrepreneurship. Find out about the history of Jula at historia.jula.se