Focus on development in a turbulent world

Jula Holding operates in an outside world with rapid change and turbulence. The group handles this turbulence by focusing on the development of the prerequisites for its own business activities.

The strategy of broadening the value network makes the group more robust and less vulnerable in an unpredictable reality.

The development of the group also creates the prerequisites for a long-term perspective, a perspective that in this particular case transcends the generation gap.

2023 2022 2021 2020 2019
Turnover 10,5 MSEK 10,7 MSEK 10,5 MSEK 9,8 MSEK 8,2 MSEK

The group is poised for further expansion and growth in several sectors: retail, logistics, real estate, finance, energy & environment, and hotel & conference.

The Jula Holding Group stands firm and is an attractive alternative to develop business opportunities, or for anyone who wants to work in one of the group’s business activities.


Annual Report

The latest Annual Report for the group can be red here.

Jula Holding Annual Report 2023