Jula Holding – sustainable, responsible, long-term, profitable

Jula Logotyp SVG

Follow along on the expansive journey of Jula Holding

Jula Holding is a family-owned group in retail, real estate, finance, logistics and hotel.

The head office of the Jula Holding Group is in Skara, Sweden. The group has approx. 3500 employees and in 2019 a turnover of SEK 8.1 billion.

The group sprang up out of Jula, which was founded in 1979. Karl-Johan Blank, owner and CEO, has been involved from the start and has built up the business.

7 companies

The group consists of seven companies: Jula, Hööks, Jula Logistics, G&K Blanks Fastigheter, Wästgöta Finans, Jula Energi & Miljö and Jula Hotell & Konferens.


3500 employees

Lots of job opportunities in retail, warehousing, logistics, administration, marketing and IT.


8 billion

The group had a turnover of SEK 8 billon in 2019.


6 countries

The Jula Holding Group operates in six countries today: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland and China.